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Может, когда-нибудь у меня дойдут руки отсканировать все новые интервью из отечественных журналов, а пока английская версия интервью, взятого итальянским The D side.
В кои-то веки есть действительно интересные вопросы и ответы! Про то, куда делась загадочная и раритетная Move The Glass, про то, почему в какой-то период времени он делал откровенно неготическую и странную х... музыку то есть...

You remain among one of the oldest alternative projects despite the crisis that is affecting from years the underground music industry and the continuous rotations in your organic. Matter of luck or simply good intuition of artistic survival strategies?

-|-|-» Ronny: Its hard to say. Yes , for quite some time Clan Of Xymox is in the underground where I think the music fits the best.
I think just by maintaining a quality level and constantly playing live so we can come in a country every 2 years or so means people will not easily forget us. I think most importantly is that people feel Clan Of Xymox does go its own course and respect us for that.

The style to which you have accustomed us in the recent years is still different from that you would become known mainly in two nostalgic album "Clan Of Xymox" and "Medusa". Would you like return to play predominantly like the early-COX, one day?

-|-|-» Ronny: I think the constant development of a band and its sound is the most predominant factor for a band to keep its interest and the interest of the audience. It started with the Subsequent Pleasures E.P. which was also different , with the first album setting some kind of blue print for the sound , namely electronic instruments and guitars combined in a song. That blue print is still maintained but of course differentiated , some times just this and sometimes with the accent towards electronic or guitars. In any case our fans will recognize a COX track when they hear one!

If I may remind you, your career has begun thanks to that famous encounter at the restaurant with Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry from Dead Can Dance which there offered you the opportunity to support them in their UK tour introducing you further to 4AD. Have you still contact with them? What convinced the Australian duo to make that fateful decision?

-|-|-» Ronny: Well , it was a bit more extensive then that of course. I first went to see them in the local club where they supported the Cocteau Twins. Later after the show we all had beers together and Brendan invited me to come over to London , just for a friendly visit and I could stay with Lisa & Brendan, so we built up a friendship during that time. That way they also steered me into the arms of 4 AD! Matter of fact I will be meeting Brendan in Dresden in two weeks , where he will promote his new album Ark.

What relationship have you stored with your old label mates, Cocteau Twins, Dif Juz, Modern English...?

-|-|-» Ronny: I used to see these people from those bands whenever I was in the UK and later when I lived there. They are still my-space friends.

Often happens to me to notice, during the reviews and interviews, that many artists are inspired by your music. What sensations you felt knowing you have become a reference model? Can you nominate us a band that more than any other has been able to trace the COX's?

-|-|-» Ronny: It is always great when a band refers to Clan Of Xymox as one of their inspirators. The last band I know who covered our song "Jasmine and Rose" is Dopestars Inc. from Italy, so you might know them :) i think they did a really good version. Most of the time I hear from Artists direct some kind of story how Clan Of Xymox was a part of their musical collection which is the best compliment you can get.

In my opinion there was once a grey area in your artistic ascent, a moment where your style is tacked to the sound of a seemingly unrelated dark band. I know that the nature of the clan is always changing, but why you touched formulas even "techno" as devers from your originating footprint ? That choice has not convinced positively nor the public nor the critics.

-|-|-» Ronny: I think it gets a bit more appreciated now then it did then , having said that the track "Reaching Out " was briefly in the UK top 40 , so the only real success in a way in a commercial way. It was just done by me because I grew bored of the music in the scene ( if any ) and wanted to do something else again. After two albums I was not convinced either and re discovered myself and my musical taste again , which you have now as a constant for the last 13 years.

This change of style has given you to reflect on what was really important to do: the return to the gothic sound. Will it be your perpetual line-art or do you think that in future there will be space for some other influences?

-|-|-» Ronny: Yes , I think so , as I do not want to stand still in my development, so it might be a slower change or so , but not drastic as in the past. As I am clear about what I love and hate it is easier for me to let things into my life and personal tastes.

I know that your fans are among one of the most loyal and many of the alternative scene. How do you maintain consistently the high level of interest in public even after 26 years?

-|-|-» Ronny: I guess releasing albums appreciate and keep them on their toes with little experimental outings!

Now I should ask you an important question that has always intrigued me and your fans: it's about "Move The Glass", an old live song that I judge personally as the most beautiful and mysterious of your repertoire. Strangely, you've never spoken about it, you never included this great track on any album. This is understandable if we think about the value and intensity of this song. Can you make the miracle to offering it in some future track-list? Tell us "yes"!

-|-|-» Ronny: I know that I wrote that title for some live shows and wanted to play something which was not released. I completely have forgotten about that song and must admit I do not even know if I have somewhere a copy of it to have a listen if it is worthwhile releasing, well, I have to take your word for it that it is.

The Festivals like Mera Luna and WGT are always good opportunities to strengthen the bond with the public and to promote new material. Are these initiatives still valid or you think something must be changed in the technical organization of these events?

-|-|-» Ronny: I like the festivals and the way they are set up. Each festival has their own identity and are both very pleasurable to play. Whenever they ask us to play we always gladly accept. As WGT is now in the town I live it is even better for me, I can enjoy the whole festival from up close each year!

Your last album "In Love We Trust" and the single "Emily" both reached the No.1 position in the Dutch Underground Charts, as well as other, similar goals as Metropolis Top 10 and Orkus. Did you expect such results?

-|-|-» Ronny: No, not really, as I think the album is not that easy for the average listenener, apart from the song "Emily". It is also pretty dark but of course the more I was and am pleased that "In Love We Trust" is appreciated.

Your live activity is truly remarkable. Yourself declared, rightly, that play live, travel the world and organize tours is a difficult job and you are often forced to recruit different live line-up. Does it harder to find good musicians to support you and be able to interact artistically with them?

-|-|-» Ronny: Luckily I have a very stable band since I live in Leipzig and also the last years I lived in Amsterdam. We just had to change our live keyboard player for the obvious logistical reasons. I live now already 5 years in Leipzig , so all is quiet on the front of change.

Your way is ever longer. What will inspire the future works of the Clan?

-|-|-» Ronny: In general life and my friends inspire me to write about something. There are so many things you can write about so I have no fear that well runs dry.

The Italian public adores you: do you like playing in our country?

-|-|-» Ronny: Absolutely. I love Italy and the Italians! One time I seriously considered moving to Italy

Did you have a disappointing evening in your career?

-|-|-» Ronny: Sometimes yes, not many though but those you need in order to appreciate the good ones. These both need each other in order to be recognized. From All I know we always give our utmost best but sometimes you wished that on a night the audience would be less cool or so. Most of the time we over win that situation and all melt but sometimes all our efforts can be useless and you simply cannot win. I know all bands experience something like that once a while, so I can live with that given.

"Xymox Control" is your own label creatated by yourself. The advantages of owning their autonomy are many and intuitive. Are there some negative aspects in having to manage everything by yourself? Do you not wish to be hired by an important major label?

-|-|-» Ronny: Ha, I already did that in the past and worked with layers, managers and the like. No, I did not like it and it was something of a big ship going its own course. I like to be in control of my own destiny, so I prefer it this way. Success with a band all want but the way to do it is another thing.

The Dside's readers will be honored to read your personal thoughts dedicated to us all. Now you can say whatever you want..

-|-|-» Ronny: ell, whatever I want? seriously, I just want to say that we are working on some Italian dates for the end of the year, so it would be really, really great if I see all your readers there!

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